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Washington, DC Tariff Information

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Section Title Page

Full Document (184 K)   PDF
Title Page   PDF
Table of Contents 1 PDF
Residential Service
Rate Schedule No. 1
Residential Firm Delivery Service Pilot Program
Rate Schedule No. 1A
Firm Service Other than Residential
Rate Schedule No. 2
10 PDF
Firm Delivery Service Other than Residential
Rate Schedule No. 2A
13a PDF
Interruptible Sales Service
Rate Schedule No. 3
14 PDF
Interruptible Delivery Service
Rate Schedule No. 3A
19 PDF
Developmental Natural Gas Vehicle Service
Rate Schedule No. 4
23 PDF
Firm Delivery Service Gas Supplier Agreement
Rate Schedule No.5
27a PDF
Small Commercial Aggregate Pilot Rate Schedule No. 6 27i PDF
Steam and Chilled Water Rates
For Service to the Watergate Project
28 PDF
General Service Provisions
1.   General 32 PDF
1A.   Classes of Service 33 PDF
2.   Application for Service 34 PDF
3.   Deposits to Guarantee Payment of
Bill and Terms of Credit
35 PDF
4.   Payments 36 PDF
5.   Metering 37 PDF
6.   Submetering 38 PDF
7.   Master Metering 38 PDF
8.   Accuracy of Gas Meters 39 PDF
9.   Customer' Piping and Appliances 40 PDF
10.   Gas Leaks and Adjustment of Appliances 40 PDF
11.   Discontinuance of Service 41 PDF
12.   Temporary Discontinuance of Supply 42 PDF
13.   Installation of Service Pipes and Connections 42 PDF
14.   Extension of Mains 43 PDF
15.   Relocation or Alteration of Company-Owned Facilities 44 PDF
16.   Purchased Gas Charge 44 PDF
17.   Force Majeure 52 PDF
18.   Dishonored Checks 52 PDF
19.   Service Initiation Charge 52 PDF
20.   Least Cost Planning (LCP) Surcharge 53 PDF
21.   Gas Supply Realignment Adjustment 54 PDF
22.   Surcharge for District of Columbia Rights of Way Fee 56 PDF
23.   Balancing Charge 57 PDF
24.   Installation of Meter Pulse Equipment 58 PDF
25.   Automated Payment Plan 58 PDF
Appendix A PDF